Voice over IP

Voice over IP is technology allowing voice communication to be transferred via the Internet instead of traditional phone lines. This offers a cost-effective solution for companies and individuals.  
All your phone calls can now be made using online technology, with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is the future of telecommunications and its available to you


  • Massive saving on phone bills - Save even more on monthly carrier equipment charges. Intelligent routing though the VoIP service opens up other cost saving opportunities through network optimisation. So as the number of calls made using your existing land lines significantly reduces through VoIP, so can the number of those lines to support the calls be reduced, saving on monthly carrier equipment charges.
  • Utilize existing networks Allow broadband users to make and receive calls using their regular telephone. Get reduced long distance and loop charges with centralised network access. 
  • Maximize Efficiency and Investment Combining voice and data on one network creates an ultra-efficient system with minimal additional investment.  
  • Centralised Management is a key benefit with VoIP remote office or agents. Its cheaper, quicker, and easier to expand with a centralised location utilising VoIP and your existing proven management staff in direct control.
  •  VoIP significantly reduces call costs. Using intelligent voice gateways, VoIP service delivers voice on-top of your existing telephony network through PABX connections or from a standalone voice unit. Calls are routed over IP then transparently connected to the public network, to reach any location at any time resulting in reduced national, fixed to mobile and international call charges.

Is VoIP Right for You?

  • For start-up operations and expanding companies, VoIP offers the scalability needed to facilitate growth with minimum initial investment.
  • If you operate a business and would like to have substantial saving on calls then VoIP is the optimal solution.
  • If you are looking for a flexible, cost-effective solution for your workforce, VoIP is the most advanced technology.  


VoIP gateway 
enable the interoperability between the circuit-switched and packet-switched networks .

-          interface to the IP network and the PSTN network

-          call processing functions

-          voice compression and decompression packing and unpacking the compressed voice to/from packets.




The following table compares popular CODECs:


Compression scheme

Compressed rate (Kbps)

Required CPU resources

Resultant Voice Quality

G.711 PCM

64 (no compression)

Non required





Good (6.4)
Fair (5.3)




Good (40)
Fair (24)



Very high







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