Professional Support Services

MYVA Support Services

As the leader in last mile access solutions, MYVA Support Services is uniquely qualified to assist you in designing, optimising and maintaining your network's performance and availability.

MYVA can solve all your existing data and voice network requirements and your future network access requirements.

Professional Services

MYVA offers the following professional service:

  • MYVA Maintenance Services
    • MYVA Support Packages
    • On-Site Support
    • On demand Service
  • Network Design Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Field Engineering and Training Services


  • MYVA Maintenance Services

MYVA Maintenance Services enable you to meet your service level commitments and accurately predict your ongoing maintenance costs. The Maintenance Services program provides for up to 24 x 7 x 365 support. Single or multiyear post warranty support agreements ensure maintenance flexibility.

Our Support Services program has been specifically designed improve the customer support to fit your company requirements.
expand the availability of our access technology service know-how, and enables you to improve the support you give to your customer base. It assures you of continuous contact from
MYVA maintenance includes the following services:

  • MYVA Support Packages

    • The Support packages that offered to our clients includes:
    • Bronze - providing 8 x 5 phone and web enabled support.
    • Silver - providing 24 x 7 phone and hardware replacement.
    • Gold - providing 24 x 7 phone, hardware replacement, and on site support.
  • On-Site (Field) Support

    • MYVA Gold Service customers entitles to on site engineers visits within two business days when remote support is not sufficient.
  • On Demand Services

    • MYVA can provide on-demand services such as on-site product demonstrations, on-site installation support, on-site trouble shooting, on-site training and commissioning.
  • Network Design Services

MYVA specialists have extensive IP multi-service network design and planning expertise related to the carrier and service provider industry. Our team combines theoretical design knowledge with practical implementation experience to create optimal solutions for all technologies. Our specific areas of expertise are last mile and wireless access, and include:

  • Wireless
  • Broadband over Power Line
  • Satellite
  • Video over IP applications
  • VoIP
  • Security
  • and more...


  • Implementation Services

From simple to major network migrations, conversions, and implementations, we can plan and execute an entire deployment strategy from start to finish. MYVA Support Professionals utilize state of the art technology and will enable you to implement network service change to meet defined business objectives and deliverables. Implementation and migration services may include one or all of the following elements:

  • Project management
  • Implementation and migration planning
  • Network and protocol migration
  • Next Generation network planning


  • Field Engineering and Training Services

Our highly trained Field Engineering Group provides onsite engineering expertise. MYVA Accredited Engineers are specialists in access technologies and are available to undertake:

  • Site Surveys
  • Installations
  • Customer Staff Technical and Product Training
  • Network Acceptance and Commissioning
  • Network Trouble Shooting


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