Broadband over Power Line (BPL) Solutions
MainNet Power Line Ultimate Solution (PLUS) 
The PLUS Solution

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The PLUS Solution Diagram

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Main Advantages of the PLUS system

Technical Advantages

Operational Advantages

End to end fully integrated solution, including a Network Management System that enables management and control of mass deployments

Provides Broadband communications over existing infrastructure

A system solution that combines both the Access 
and In-home in one efficient network without home gateway.

Flexible solution that enables the power utility to build a reliable and effective solution

Dynamic self learning system that optimises the performance based on current power line grid characteristics, without the need of any manual adjustments

Advanced repetition can be used to ensure a coverage of all customers on the grid

Flexible and scalable solution for distant and very noisy environments.

No software installations required at the customers premises

Fits any electricity grid topology, and dynamically adjust itself to switching changes in the electricity network.

Simple installation both on the power utilities’ electricity grids as well as in the end users home provided through a ‘plug & play’ solution that does not require any technical support

A solution that works both in 110V and 220V topologies, and both on the medium and low 

Interconnection to backbone can be done from several points on the same grid (transformer or friendly customer) ensuring scalability and redundancy

Low transmission levels over the power line to 
comply with standardization

Can automatically manage physical changes to the electricity grid (e.g. due to maintenance) by ‘hopping’ to another sub-station

Fully managed and remotely configured system

Advanced QoS (Quality of Services) mechanism that enables the utility to provide several levels of service to its customers

Coverage reaches all electrical outlets at the end 
user’s home, throughout all the phases, without 
any new wiring

Interface with power utilities existing billing & CRM systems

Fully transparent IP network which enable the use 
of any standard IP application thus the end users 
can use standard PC applications (e.g. Net meeting Web Browsers, etc)

No configuration of units requires: Auto-provisioning mechanism enables to connect units arriving from production plant without any configuration

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PLUS System Components

The PLUS system includes the following:

CuPLUS - The CuPLUS or the PLUS network Concentrator unit plays a major part in the PLUS network Access layer. Residing within the vicinity of the low and medium voltage transformers, the CuPLUS is the PLUS network link 
with the IP Backbone while remotely managed by the NmPLUS.


RpPLUS  - The RpPLUS or the PLUS network Repeater unit has the task of on-transmitting the communication to achieve a clear communication along vast distances. As part of the Access layer the RpPLUS forms the linkage between
the In-home units and the CuPLUS. The RpPLUS resides in street cabinets or poles and is remotely managed 
by the NmPLUS system.


NtPLUS - The NtPLUS (Network Termination) unit plays a major role in the In-home layer of the PLUS network. 
The NtPLUS is the mediator between the end user’s home equipment (such as the PC) and the PLC network. 
The NtPLUS unit also integrates with the end user’s home equipment and consequently has the following functions:
                         - Providing the end user with Internet access and telephony service (the NtPLUS-Tel)
                         - Providing the end user with an option for forming a home network made of several          
                           In-home PLUS units


NmPLUS - The NmPLUS is’s unique network management solution for network monitoring, management and diagnostic of PLC networks. The NmPLUS provides one the ability to manage and monitor all of ones PLUS from 
a single location without having to send the utility’s lineman, to the location, whenever a customer places a call at the 
call centre. This also allows the utility to remotely enable or block end user’s services.

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